Communication Problem

داشتم یک مطلبی توی ردیت می‌خوندم:

"LPT: The biggest communication problem is that we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply. When in an argument, put your anger aside and actually try to empathise with the other person, so as to defuse the situation." ~ /u/_dxrrxn/
"I did an exercise at family rehab—it’s called knee to knee. One person states an issue and the other repeats it back. Way harder than it sounds. Because you actually do try to respond to the issue. A real eye opener." ~ /u/sugarshizzl/

اولی جای تامل داره و پیشنهاد دومی هم قشنگه.

اگه خواستید می‌تونید با خانواده نام‌پیشونی هم بازی کنید خیلی حال میده :)